Japan Bridge


Bridges: Connecting Places, Connecting People

Takao Inooka Representative Director and PresidentJapan Bridge Corporation was established in 1919 with capital invested by Katsujiro Iwai, founder of Iwai & Co. Ltd. (current Sojitz Corporation).

For 98 years, Japan Bridge Corporation has contributed to maintaining infrastructures through its operations centered on designing and constructing steel structures-including bridges and steel frames-while embracing the company's founding spirit of Sincerity, Service, Originality and Harmony as its backbone.

April 1, 2014, Japan Bridge Corporation shifted its corporate structure to a pure holding company while maintaining its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and changed its corporate name to OSJB Holdings Corporation.

We also established a company with new corporate name (Japan Bridge Corporation) that is affiliated with the pure holding company and will continue constructing steel bridges as its main line of business.

Going forward, Japan Bridge Corporation will continue striving to contribute to society by proactively engaging in the ever-important maintenance and repair business-in addition to constructing new bridges-based on reliable technologies and a proven track record accumulated over near a century.
We greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Representative Director and President

Kiyonobu Sakashita